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Why Every Candidate Needs a Digital Plan

Let's face it, right now, your job is to get endorsements and raise money. And there really isn't much time for anything else. You have a fundraising manager who knows how to bring in the money. You have a political director who can connect you to other influentials. And you have a field manager to run your voter contact program. But where are your voters? Your voters are all online. The world is moving away from mail ads. With the pandemic, we no longer meet in bars and cafes, we meet online. And that's where all the decisions are being made. So you can either fight the future of politics, or you can become the future of politics.

What is Political Digital Targeting


Political digital targeting goes where your voters are. We use voter lists, interest categories, demographics, and more! We find your voters in social media, blogs, and news sites. We use niche advertising to make sure every voter gets a message crafted just for them across multiple platforms!


Your voters are looking for you. But can they find you? We make it so that voters in your area find you when looking for local election information.


Political digital targeting identifies victory, looks at your current strategy, and identifies potential obstacles. Your digital campaign is customized to your own needs. And data is analyzed multiple times a week to examine what is working, and what needs tweaking.


Political and Digital Experience
Mindy Serin, CEO

  • Commissioner, Los Angeles City Council, Innovation and Performance Commission
  • Instructor in Digital Analytics and Google Ads, UCLA Extension
  • Instructor in Web Design and Design Thinking, General Assembly
  • Digital Consultant, Scott Rhineheart for Assembly
  • Digital Consultant, Sherry Powell for Judge
  • Digital Consultant, Rachel Payne for Congress
  • Coordinator, Lloyd Levine for State Senate
  • Data Director, Kentucky Democratic Party
  • Data Director, Bill Richardson for President

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