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Targeted web banners and video

Reach targeted voters with digital banners, non-skippable pre-roll videos, and native ads in reputable websites. RunWith.Digital targets audiences online with customizable, pre-built voter segments or with your own voter lists. 

Targeted social media

Amplify your voice on social media. Focusing on niche marketing, RunWith.Digital uses social media to create a connection between candidates and voters.


Web Design

Your website is where you inform voters of who you are and what you stand for. Your website tells voters where and when you will be speaking, and how they can help your campaign. RunWith.Digital will make sure your site accurately represents you in a stylish way.


Studies show that 95% of texts are read within the first 30 minutes of receipt. This is the highest metric of any way to reach a voter! RunWith.Digital uses various texting methods to maximize your exposure.

Political Digital Targeting


Political digital targeting goes where your voters are. We use voter lists, interest categories, demographics, and more! We use niche advertising to make sure every voter gets a message crafted just for them across multiple platforms!

Data Driven

Political digital targeting identifies victory, looks at your current strategy, and identifies potential obstacles. Your digital campaign is customized to your own needs. And data is analyzed multiple times a week to examine what is working, and what needs tweaking.


Voters don’t want a generic canned message. They want to connect to candidates. They want to know that you care about them. RunWith.Digital builds a connection with each and every one of your voters, letting them know why YOU are the right candidate.

Mindy led a digital program helping our Alums win 14 of 15 judicial races in 2020! Mindy also provided a two-hour training on basics and setup for campaigns’ digital game as well as an interactive Q&A with our class.
I highly recommend having Mindy run your digital strategy!

Danna Lovell

Emerge Nevada

I hired Mindy to perform detailed database work for Gov. Richardson’s campaign in Nevada. She did exceptional work and provided insights unavailable from others.

Frank Costanzo

State Director

Using Mindy’s information and analytics, our field organizing teams were able to be more effective in a crowded presidential race.

Dan Bald

Campaign Organizer

Mindy Serin, An Industry Leader

  • Vice President, Commissioner, Los Angeles City Council Innovation and Performance Commission
  • Trainer, Emerge 
  • Instructor in Digital Analytics and Google Ads, UCLA Extension
  • Instructor in Web Design and Design Thinking, General Assembly
  • Digital Consultant, Abby Baron for Judge
  • Digital Consultant, Eddie Morales for Assembly
  • Digital Consultant, Carol Elswick for Judge
  • Digital Consultant, Sherry Powell for Judge
  • Digital Consultant, Rachel Payne for Congress
  • Coordinator, Lloyd Levine for State Senate
  • Data Director, Kentucky Democratic Party
  • Data Director, Bill Richardson for President